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Home Energy Savings

The Ontario government has jumped on board with energy efficiency. Today you are able to receive various different grants by choosing to make your home more energy efficient. Some of the ways are by upgrading your insulation, replacing old heating equipment, retrofitting your home and more. Programs like HELP, based in the city of Toronto, or HEC that serves various municipalities, try to help people become more energy efficient and provide them incentives when they qualify. Start taking advantage of these incentives today by upgrading your insulation with Yvon Insulation. We provide a Free In-Home Assessment to see where you can be more energy efficient with your insulation. After that it’s easy to become eligible for some of these incentives!

Follow these steps:

  1. Call for an Ontario home energy audit
  2. Choose the right renovations for you
  3. Save energy and money

If you require further assistance or have any other questions feel free to call us at Yvon Insulation today and we can help you get the most energy rebates possible. Also take a look at the Directory of Energy Efficiency and Alternative Energy Programs in Canada at Natural Resources Canada to learn more!

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